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Looking for an official roof condition report for your home in Melbourne?

Ensure the safety and longevity of your Melbourne property with a professional roof inspection. Get a detailed official roof condition report today!

Our licensed inspectors will thoroughly assess your roof, identifying any potential issues and providing valuable insights for future maintenance or repairs.

Whether you’re a homeowner concerned about storm damage or a commercial property manager seeking peace of mind, we offer comprehensive inspections tailored to your specific needs. Don’t wait for a small problem to become a major expense, schedule your roof inspection today!

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Roof Inspector Melbourne

Your Trusted Roof Inspector in Melbourne

Meet James

With over 20 years’ experience in the building industry, James is an experienced roof plumber in Melbourne and holds both domestic and commercial building registrations in Victoria.
He has been involved in projects spanning small residential to major commercial projects.

This gives him a deep understanding of all building methods and components that are designed in conjunction with roofing systems.

With this background, qualifications and experience he can inspect all types of roofing systems. Whether it be finding a leak or inspecting highly complex roofing systems.

Melbourne Roofing Inpection Services

General Roof Condition / Roof Maintenance Reports

We can provide regular inspection and roof damage assessment reports on the condition of your roof to ensure the system is in good condition and no unforeseen issues arise over time. We will document and guide you on ensuring your roof lasts and advise if anything is required to keep your roofing system in good working order.

Roof Inspection Report For Insurance Claims / Assessment Reports

We can provide a highly detailed report to ascertain what has caused the problems / damage coupled with the speed and certainty required to ensure the right outcome for all parties involved.

Commercial Roof Reports

We offer a range of services to property investors right across to asset managers and owners corporations, to ensure your building stays functioning with no risk to occupants and tenants of the buildings across any asset class.

Residential Roof Reports

We offer services to a range of clients from preventative maintenance right through to defective products / workmanship to water and storm damage.

Pre-purchase Roof Inspections

Buying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions made in one’s life, we can provide expert advice on the condition of the roofing system to ensure no hidden items to give you comfort.
roof inspection reports

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20+ Years Experience

Over twenty years of roofing & building industry experience with a highly specialised service and technical ability.

Licensed & Insured

Domestic Builder Unlimited – DB-U 65703 Commercial Builder Limited – CB-L 65792

Roofing Experts

Led by a team of fully qualified roofing experts in Melbourne with the latest technology at our disposal.

Latest Technology

From thermal imaging to drones - our expert team won't miss an inch.


Ensure your roof is 100% compliant with the latest VBA regulations and codes.

Detailed & Concise

We are uniquely positioned to be able to inspect and report not only on your roof system but any underlying issues with building design that may need to be addressed.

Frequently asked questions

We have the in-house expertise to inspect all types of roof products and installation methods from and not limited to: Roof tiles; Metal roofs; Shingles; Slate and Concrete.

Yes, just simply give us a call (or leave a voice mail) and one of our team will attend to your enquiry ASAP. You can of course send us an email.

We hold the following licenses as trusted roof inspection company.

  • Domestic Builder Unlimited – DB-U 65703
  • Commercial Builder Limited – CB-L 65792

We cover all of greater Melbourne up to Werribee, Epping and including Mornington Peninsula.

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